Cryptocurrency is a great way to make money if you can time it right. However like all investing it comes with risks. The shrewd investors tend to wait until a weak moment in large followed crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum before making their first moves. The phrase buy low sell high has never been so important as with trading this asset class.

So how do you go about buying most cryptocurrencies?

Well mostly you have to register at an exchange. The exchanges let you buy and sell to other users, so if the coin that you are interested in is listed on that particular exchange then you can begin to buy off the other users at various prices they set. You will be charged a small fee for the service, but usually this is minimal. Again it is wise to wait for a period where the coin you follow is experiencing a low point in the price.

Charts and Prices

To see when a crypto could be going through a low period you will need access to real time prices for cryptocurrencies. There is no use using delayed prices. Most exchanges will offer some sort of platform usually containing charts and other data. But if this is not enough then places such as have a great selection of charts you can use, they are all real time. Registration is free for a basic package, which is enough for most investors to get started following the live prices.

You can also make a watch list at TradingView which enables you to quickly track the coins you are intending to buy.

When Should I Sell?

Sell high and never let an investment go negative once is has been positive! That is the key to gaining good profit from all investing not just crypto.